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The Lewis Family


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When Mark and I (Tayla) suddenly and unexpectedly lost our first child, 6.5 months into our first pregnancy, our very loved and very wanted son, Chayce James was stillborn on Christmas Eve of 2020, following a termination for medical reasons.

Our world was forever changed in an instant, and the future we had envisioned was cruelly snatched away by circumstances beyond our control. You can read Chayce's full story here

As we grappled with the reality that our son would never come home, we made a decision to hit the road, embarking on a 4-month journey exploring the beautiful East Coast of Australia. Amidst the depths of our grief, we discovered solace in the adventure lifestyle, feeling a profound connection to Chayce. We honoured his memory at every opportunity, writing his name in the sand at every beach we visited. This journey ultimately gave rise to Chaycen Adventure, a name that symbolizes our approach to life.

In late 2021, we welcomed Chayce's little sister, Tilly Eve, into our lives. As parents to a child here on Earth and one in the Sky, we are learning how to navigate this unique journey.

Even though we're not on the road 24/7 anymore, we continue to live with the same spirit, seeking opportunities to honour our precious boy whenever and wherever we can with adventures as a family.


My mission is to hold space for you and your babies, offering opportunities to commemorate and remember them. Our efforts also extend to The RR Project, a campaign that aims to improve sex education in Australian secondary schools and integrate discussions about baby loss and fertility challenges in a sensitive and age-appropriate manner.

If you have any interest in our offerings or would like to connect, i'm here for you.

Mark, Tayla, Chayce, Tilly, Jax & Lola

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