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The Lewis family


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We are just your everyday, married couple from Melbourne Australia, connecting with other loss families, like you, from all over the world, in hopes of helping you turn your Tragedy into a Legacy of your own.

When Mark and I (Tayla) suddenly and unexpectedly lost our first child, 6.5 months into our first pregnancy, our very loved and very wanted son, Chayce James was stillborn on Christmas Eve of 2020, following a termination for medical reasons.

Our lives obviously dramatically changed overnight. The plans we had and the future we imagined, had been taken away from us, as a cruel twist of fate made itself known for reasons we will never  fully understand.. 

People say we had a choice, but it was no choice at all - Sh*t and sh*ttier were the options available to us - We went with the lesser of two evils to spare him from any pain & suffering. You can read Chayce's full story here

As we were forced to try and come to terms with the fact our son was never coming home, we decided to buy a camper trailer and hit the road. We spent 4 months exploring the East Coast of Australia and we both fell in love with the adventure lifestyle of being on the road. We felt close to Chayce, as we would write his name in the sand at every beach we visited and decided to honour him at every opportunity we got. This is how my name  'Chaycen Adventure' came about.

And this is how we approach every day life now. When we cant find an opportunity to honour our boy, we make one.


Accidently discovering this approach to our grieving journey has helped us deal with our immense loss and has also become something we are now passionate about. We want to help other loss parents discover that it is possible to live a meaningful life after loss, however that looks for them.

We have since welcomed his little sister, Tilly Eve, into the world in late 2021 and we are slowly learning how to be the best possible parents to one here on Earth and one in the Sky.

I have studied with the Institute of Healing to become a certified Pregnancy Loss Coach, so that I can work 1:1 with loss mamas from around the world to help them navigate their life after loss and provide the support I believe should be readily available everywhere.

Mark, Tayla, Chayce, Tilly, Jax & Lola

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