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4 Baby Loss Podcasts for Grieving Mamas

Supporting the grieving mama community in any way I can, is something I'm always striving for, and reminding you that you're not alone is an important aspect of it, in my opinion.. So here are 4 super helpful podcasts to re-iterate just that.

If you are looking for support, guidance & the chance to hear (not read) other stories then these have got you covered. There are other countless other podcasts out there, but if you are newbie to the podcast scene (like I am), then this is a great place to start!


The Worst Girl Gang Ever

A support platform and podcast specific to baby loss ran by Bex Gunn and Laura Buckingham. These lovely ladies hold a space for honest conversations about unspoken experiences.


The Glimmer Podcast

Dr Ashleigh Smith hosts a range of interviews with experts on how to manage grief after pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal loss. The Glimmer Podcast exists to give hope, light, connection and guidance.

Click here for the podcast


TFMR Mamas

This is an audio resource to specifically support those who have had to terminate for medical reasons (TFMR), hosted by the lovely Emma Belle. In spite of her own heartbreak, Emma has a natural warmth and opens up her heart to be a host and mentor, so that families will never have to go through this alone. Click here for the podcast


The Still Mama Tribe

Sarah and Megan have made it their mission to change the way society deals with and talks about baby loss. They host a podcast which allows fellow loss families to tell their stories. Click here for the podcast


As always, feel free to let me know your thoughts and I hope you find these resources to be helpful.

Sending love x

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