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MEMORIAL MERCH - Lets go through some FAQs

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Answers below to some frequently asked questions regarding our Slice of Heaven Memorial Merchandise Range.

~ For those who want to know more about having their angels' name feature in our Memorial Merch;

👉🏽Tell me more about your Memorial Merch?

Our mission is to acknowledge and honour as many babies as we can. Once a round is completely full, we will open a new round. Round #1 and #2 is now completely full and has closed. Round #3 is now open and taking pre-orders. If you want to feature your baby in our Memorial range, please register by clicking here and complete the quick registration form.

👉🏽What if I dont live in Australia, can I still secure a spot?

👉🏽Is it free to register?

👉🏽Can I register my angel/s in multiple rounds?

👉🏽How do I register to secure a spot?

👉🏽How are your products made?

👉🏽Are there only t-shirts available for purchase?

👉🏽How many spots are available in each round?

👉🏽What if we didn't name our baby/s?

👉🏽What if I never met my angel (i.e - early pregnancy loss)?

👉🏽Once I have registered, how much time will I have to place an order? Waiting for pay day.


~ For those who have already registered and secured a spot in a Memorial Merch round;

👉🏽How do I place an order?

Take note of the round you have registered for. Once your round goes live on the website, you can shop here

👉🏽I registered for round two, when will our tees be live on the website?

👉🏽Can I register my angel in multiple rounds?

👉🏽What is the sizing & fit like?

👉🏽How will I know if the round I have registered for has gone live?

👉🏽How many tees can I purchase?

👉🏽How can I pay?

👉🏽How much time do I have to place an order? Waiting for pay day.

👉🏽What if I need more time to make an order?

👉🏽What if I have registered but my financial situation has since changed and I can no longer afford to make a purchase?

👉🏽What is your return policy?



Round #1 Angels (March intake) - AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE NOW

Chayce James Phillipps-Lewis (AUS) • Gracie Rose Petronio (AUS) • Angelita Luz Flores (USA) • Grayson-Connor Dillon De Jager (ZAF) • Clarke Oliver Jade Hesling (AUS) • Hudson James Watt (AUS) • Matilda Rose Blake (AUS) • Jasmine Lily Van Nimwegen (AUS) • Westyn Layne Docherty (AUS) • Liam Forrest Bellemare (USA)• Aria Moule (UK) • Amy Nicole Caruso (USA) • Hallie Grace Davis (USA) • Ellie Bustard (UK) • McKenna Rose Hartley-Pettis (USA) • Jaxon Richard Irizarry (USA) • Felix Oliver Emerson (UK) • Finn Usher (AUS) • Jovanni Emeri Serrao (USA) • Lissy-Faith (UK) • Anastasia Polycarpou (AUS) • Roan Thomas Kite (USA) • Luca Klemm-Huynh (AUS) • Hannah Rhook (AUS) • Kalani Miller (AUS) • Summer Jane Harris (AUS) • Gage Michael Edwards (USA) • Zoe Rose Holder (UK) • Sophia Delta McClure (AUS) • Miguel Jacinto Lagman (CAN) • Fiadh Pippin Hudson-White (UK) • Tyler Michael Steffes (USA) • Emilie Annette Hansen Steffes (USA) •SaraBeth Norma Steffes (USA) • Torben Hansen (USA) • Ingrid Hansen (USA) • Nova-Lee Anne Gibson (AUS) • Iris Smith (AUS) • Zacari Tucker (USA) • Rudy Clay Miller (USA) • Asher Squire (AUS) • Rishi Ram James Chand (USA) • Ronnie Leigh Norris-Briggs (UK) • Thomas William (AUS) • Sadie Alyssa-Joy Daulby (UK) • Lennox Pockley (UK) • Camilla Rose Morel (USA)

Round #2 Angels (April intake) - COMING SOON

Chayce James Phillipps-Lewis (AUS) • Elizabeth Rose Sypherd (USA) • Giovanni Harmon (USA) • Milo James Coe (USA) • Ella-Jane Hepworth (CAN) • Matthew Espino-Sanchez (USA) • EmmyLou Spinks (USA) • Meadow Spinks (USA) • Colton Everett Stark (USA) • Te’Vahni Preston Bilney (AUS) • Angel Michael Reyes III (USA) • Baby Ronan (UK) • Elke Holle Fielder (AUS) • Cyril John Loy (AUS) • Bryson Hill (AUS) • Indiana Ilene Aleba (USA) • Corbyn Colbert (USA) • Rían Breandán (UK) • Benjamin James Kirk Cordell (AUS) • Logan Andrew Crisp (AUS) • Lucie Elizabeth Crisp (AUS) • Henry Thomas Lindberg (USA) • Casey Leigh Clayton (AUS) • Angelita Luz Flores (USA) • Baby Beurskens (AUS) • Mason Barry Fry (AUS) • Lymuel Scott Artwell IV (USA) • Tyson David-Thomas Chugg (AUS) • Kaleb Thomas Clayton (AUS) • Maynard Ryker Ericksen (NZ) • Jacob Alec Varcoe (AUS) • Wyatt Henry Edward Zahra (AUS) • Auroa Rose Zahra (AUS) • Alexis-Rose Clampit-Pope (AUS) • Kenadee Jayde Baker (AUS) • Dexta Charles Golding-Smith (AUS) • Elliott Douglas Bentley (CAN) • Baby Hill (NZ) • Sathena Marie Rose Westbury (AUS)

Round #3 Angels (May intake) - TAKING PRE-ORDERS

You can feature your angel in this round by registering here

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