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Moral Of The Story.

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

~ 01/04/2021

You see this photo here? This was taken on Chayce's due date at the beautiful Mount Tamborine in Queensland. We had originally planned a day at Stradbroke island but never made it there because of the fresh COVID restrictions enforced at the time. We were devastated for Chayce, but decided to make the best of the day anyway, given the circumstances.

Mark and I attempted to take a selfie in front of the waterfall but was failing miserably until a lovely older couple were nice enough to offer to take a photo for us. We happily agreed. It often crosses my mind that at this particular point in time, these two complete strangers would have been completely unaware of the significance of this photo. A photo we would soon cherish forever.

I could see by the look on their face they were wondering why on Earth we were posing with a soft bunny rabbit in the middle of the forest. Curiosity eventually got the better of them and they asked with a smirk on their face "what's with the bunny??", intrigued at what our answer was going to be, they were probably expecting an amusing response of some sort.

My response was obviously far from amusing .. "We are not crazy, I promise! This is Junior and he represents our son who we lost on Christmas Eve just gone"

By their reaction I knew they were shocked at both my upfront response and the heartbreaking truth that just left my mouth. I'm sure that was the last thing they were expecting a young couple at a waterfall to say. I don't blame them at all. It definitely wouldn't have been my first guess either. I almost felt guilty for being so honest, they absolutely weren't ready to hear such a harsh truth.

We eventually parted ways after profusely thanking them.

I like to think they learnt something that day, or at least took something away from our brief encounter. Not sure what exactly. Maybe they will remember Junior, and tell their grandkids about that couple they met in the forest with a bunny rabbit to honour their son.

Regardless, not very long later, the older couple re-reappeared and re-approached us. The words that left their mouth next will stick with me forever "we just wanted to let you know that we are very religious and we will be praying for you both. You will be in our thoughts. God bless". They then turned back around and walked away before we could even respond. I didn't have any words anyway.

It was then my turn to be in shock. We didn't know these people whatsoever, we will never see these people again and yet they were nice enough to go out of their way to say something so beautiful.. How lovely that they will use their prayers on us.. We are just two random bogans hurting and healing, standing there in our thongs, shorts and our trusty Akubras, trying to figure out life.

Mark and I are not religious, but after hearing those words, for the first time in my life it actually made me wonder why I wasn't.

So.. these days, every now and again I say a little prayer for both my children. For Chayce in heaven and for our baby girl on the way. I don't know if it does anything, I don't even know if I'm doing it right. But I do know that it makes my heart happy and I believe we crossed paths with that particular couple on that day for a reason.

Moral of the story? You can learn from people, sometimes even strangers, all you have to do is open your eyes, ears and heart.

And be kind, always.

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I love this photo. I love that you have Chayce bunny with you. 💙💚🦋🐕🐕💜

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