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Pregnancy & infant loss; A book list

Updated: May 7, 2023

Reading pregnancy and infant loss books took me longer than I expected - Mostly because I wasn't ready to face that part of my healing journey yet. First, I had to put my own experience, feelings and emotions into words before I could process anyone else's.

However, some of the books I have read so far have written words that I have spoken, thought, or written myself. It feels like the authors have been a fly on the wall in my home. However, that just proves that we (the baby loss community) aren't alone on our lifelong journey.

Here is a list of 15 books, that I am currently working my way through. I plan to provide reviews for them all once I have read them all so keep an eye out for that!



An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination by Elizabeth McCracken

"In a profoundly moving display of humour, heart, and unfailing generosity, McCracken tenderly presents her story: a story of true love and unfathomable sadness, of courageous recovery and bittersweet moments, of steadfast memories and deep affection. Grief walks through these pages of this remarkable book, but so do happiness and hope"

Ask Me His Name by Elle Wright

Learning to live and laugh again after the loss of my baby

"In this honest, beautifully written and hopeful exploration of a different kind of mothering, Elle explores how she navigated a parenthood that no one had prepared her for"

"Whether you are early in a crisis of grief or exploring the loss years afterward, you will find self-compassion, healing, and new ways to make meaning of your loss. Donna Rothert, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who specializes in perinatal issues, including pregnancy and infant loss"


Beyond Goodbye by Zoe Clark-Coates

A practical and compassionate guide to surviving grief, with day-by-day resources to navigate a path through loss

"Beyond Goodbye balances practical advice with personal stories and emotional support. It explores common myths around loss, and offers advice for those supporting the bereaved"""


Changed by Lisa Jankowsk

"Changed is a powerful combination of a mother’s personal journey and helpful information that will offer comfort, hope and understanding. It is also the story of a mother’s love for a child that remains long after separation and death"


Empty Cradle, Broken Heart by Deborah L. Davis

"This new edition of Empty Cradle, Broken Heart is meant to help you through these difficult experiences by giving you things to think about, providing suggestions for coping and encouraging you to do what you need to survive your baby's death. Whether your baby died recently or long ago, this information can be useful to you"


I Had a Miscarriage by Jessica Zucker A Memoir, a Movement

"In this evocative account of navigating pregnancy loss, Jessica Zucker confronts the cultural silence around miscarriages and illuminates how she built a movement from her experience, transforming trauma into human connection"


Life After Baby Loss by Nicola Gaskin A Companion and Guide for Parents

"Beautifully written and powerfully illustrated, this book will hold your hand through your darkest and lightest moments- read it to know you are not alone and that all your feelings are absolutely valid"

"Annabel hopes anyone suffering can feel supported, understood and reassured that they will get through this and one day laugh and smile again"


Saying Goodbye by Zoe Clark-Coates

A personal story of baby loss and 90 days of support to walk you through grief

"Zoë writes a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through to provide help and support for others. Alongside this are 90 days of daily support for those who are grieving, offering comfort and hope during the difficult days, weeks and months"


Still a Mum by Meagan Donaldson

"Still a Mum is a story about loss, life and love and finding joy again after heartbreak. Shining a spotlight on the stigma that still exists around pregnancy loss, not just for the parents but for other family members as well"


The Baby Loss Guide by Zoe Clark-Coates Practical and compassionate support with a day-by-day resource to navigate the path of grief

"In her first bestselling book, Saying Goodbye, Zoë writes a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through loss"


The Beauty in Bereavement by Jasmin Hill A Personal Story of Child Loss, Grief & Moving Forward

"This must-read book is raw and eye-opening and by sharing her story Jasmin hopes that one day, the topics raised throughout her journey are no longer a taboo subject"


Unexpecting by Rachel Lewis

Real Talk on Pregnancy Loss

"In Unexpecting, bereaved mom Rachel Lewis is the friend you never knew you'd need, walking you through the unique grief of baby loss. When nothing about life after loss makes sense . . . this book will"


Unspeakable Losses by Kim Kluger-Bell Healing From Miscarriage, Abortion, And Other Pregnancy Loss

"Combining in-depth stories with solid, practical advice, Unspeakable Losses articulates the myriad emotional stages that arise from pregnancy loss and validates what can otherwise be a terribly lonely experience. This book is a vital companion for women and men in comprehending--and recovering from--their own experience with reproductive crisis"


I hope this list helps you in some small way. Let me know if there are any other books you would like to see on this list by commenting below or sending an email to

I would love to know if you have already read any on the list and what you thought!

Sending love x

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