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to those newly bereaved families

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Dedicated to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, United States.

Nineteen children and two adults were killed earlier this week, when a gunman attacked Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, USA.

Those kids.

They were just babies.

I can’t stop thinking how terrified they must have been in their final moments.

The chills that run down my spine even just imagining their horrific screams.

I swear I can hear them from here, 14,500 kms away in Australia.

Even days later it’s still playing on repeat in my head as though I was right there.

So many lives destroyed; for what?

Lives have either been tragically lost or permanently traumatised.


Those teachers.

Bless their beautiful souls.

In their last moments they were trying to protect the little lives they were dedicated to educate.

Day in day out, they continuously showed up for those kids, taught them right from wrong, and gave them the gift of a good role model. They helped to shape them to be better people and work towards living life outside the classroom - To contribute to society and to be the best versions of themselves.

They spent their lives pouring their love and energy into those kids and then in a cruel twist of fate, died with them - But died trying to comfort them. How brave are they for that. True hero’s.

Those newly bereaved families will never be the same.

They have inherited a title nobody wants - Nobody deserves.

There are no words for their pain. Their entire lives spent with their loved ones must be playing on repeat in their traumatised messy minds. Although things must be blurry for them, I wonder what was the last thing they talked about or did together, the last feeling they felt, or saw when they looked at their precious loved one, what was the last thing they heard? Was it something they said, a giggle, a laugh, a cry, a burp? .. What did they do together last weekend?

How were those parents ever to have known that was the last time they’d ever be in their child's presence?

Each precious moment, now just memories for their memory bank that will be etched into their minds forever.

Now they have to get their head around the fact they’ll be spending the rest of their lives here on Earth, without them. No warnings, no goodbyes.

Each of those parents have been robbed of the most precious thing; a life.

A life they created, nurtured, nourished, raised, adored.

Innocent, little lives that were only just getting started In this crazy world.

Those families were supposed to pick up their babies from school to find out how their day was, and ask them what they learnt. Knowing the answer wouldn’t have been very descriptive, they would have asked anyway. They'll never get that opportunity again.

But for those who survived, the damage, the anxiety and the pure fear they must be experiencing, will never leave them. It will shape them for the rest of their lives.

Those poor kids were supposed to come home, where they belong. With the people who love them the most. Where they are most safe.

Home work due dates no longer matter.

The disturbing silence occupied by heartbreaking sobs that would be filling their homes.

Those cold, empty, still-made beds, that will never be jumped in and messed up again.

Life as they all knew it. Gone.

It’s all gone x 21 times

21 people who will never come home.

21 families torn apart.

Each death, preventable.

Nothing I say will matter anyway; but to those kids; teachers; all their families and their loved ones.

I'm sorry for all of your senseless losses.

I'm sorry a monster did what he did, for no justifiable reason.

I'm sorry you will forever be in a world of pain.

I'm sorry this has happened.

I'm sorry this continues to happen.

I'm sorry your country continues to let you down.

I’m just so sorry.

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