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Campaign Intro & Invitation - Reproductive Realities

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Dear friends and followers,

In a world that often shies away from discussing sensitive topics, there's a growing need for inclusive, and realistic sex education that goes beyond the basics. This is particularly true when it comes to addressing baby loss and fertility challenges.

On the 6th of June 2023, I posted a photo on my socials, of my rainbow baby and I, along with a caption expressing my opinion on the importance of proper reproductive education in high school. The response from the community was overwhelming, sparking a range of opinions and stories that highlighted the urgency for change.

As I read through some of the stories shared with me, it got me thinking and it ignited a passion within me to drive the conversation forward, however I can to work towards creating positive change.

Some of you may know that I've been working on a project behind the scenes for some time and today, I am excited to introduce you to the campaign that advocates to break the silence and pave the way for open, informed conversations, starting in Australian high school sex education.

Welcome to The Reproductive Realities Project.

What does "beyond the basics" mean?

By that I mean, the aim is to move beyond the traditional sex education approach, which often focuses solely on reproductive mechanics, conveys misleading messages (sex = a living baby), and provides minimal information on contraception (i.e - how to put a banana on condom just doesn't cut it)

Instead, this campaign wants to see schools encourage open and age-appropriate conversations, breaking down barriers of stigma and shame surrounding these sensitive topics. By addressing real-life challenges, I believe we can better prepare students for the complexities of starting and growing a family, building a foundational layer of understanding empathy, respect, and resilience in the next generation.

Why "The Reproductive Realities Project"?

What is the vision?

Addressing Potential Concerns

Invitation to share your personal testimony

What is a testimony you ask?

Written Testimonies

Video Testimonies

How you can get involved

As the campaign work towards its vision, we will collaborate with experts, educators, parents, and the wider community. Together, we can drive positive change and empower the next generation in their reproductive health journey.

Visit our website to explore opportunities, get involved, and learn more about our mission.

I know we are on the cusp of something extraordinary, and I want you to be right there with us. Your exclusive invitation to shape the narrative of this campaign is an opportunity to inspire change, break barriers, and empower others through your story.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey. Together, we can make a difference!

Sending love,


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