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Ember’s Story

Updated: May 27, 2023

In loving memory of Ember Nova Marie Johnston.

My name is Tammy Fritz I'm 30 years old

I knew I was pregnant long before I took a test. I just knew and after a few dreams I knew it was a girl.

My fiancé and I decided to name her Ember and we let her Aunt Kiana choose half of her middle name Nova Marie. Our sweet Ember Nova Marie Johnston.

I don't know exactly how far along I was when I went into labour, all I'm sure of, is it was too early.

Our baby girl was born on March 1st 2020 around 11 am. She was born premature but her lungs weren't developed enough. She lived for four hours and in those hours we showered her with love and so much affection. I know she met Jesus with a smile on her face and so much love in her heart. I also know she had some family who didn't get a chance to meet her here, meet her there.

That March was a tough time for our family, a lot of loss. We decided against an autopsy and to have her cremated. She has a big sister and brother. Her big sister loves her so much and likes to talk about her. We celebrate her birthday and have her picture up and her urn out for Christmas. Her big brother doesn't know about her but its for the best for him, he wouldn't understand. I wish I could tell him.

She got to meet both her grandmothers her Mimi and her nana and her pow her Uncle Kiden and he Godmother/Aunt Kiana, her Aunt Kara Jo and her great-grandmother unfortunately that was after she passed.

We held onto her till midnight and saying goodbye to her was the hardest thing I've ever done. I hold her close to my heart everyday with a necklace with her ashes in it. I never knew I could hurt this much. I never thought I'd lose my daughter.

Unfortunately I wont have a chance for a rainbow baby, my body cant handle a third pregnancy.

I will keep her memory alive everyday and continue to love her and cherish the time I had with her. I had more time than everyone else, she may have been inside me, but it was still time I had with her.

God got a beautiful angel that day and I know she's watching over us everyday.

I love you my sweet Ember Nova Marie.

Tammy Fritz


Submitted 23/04/2022


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