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Kaokee’s Story

Updated: May 27, 2023

In Loving Memory of Kaokee Stream.

My name is Cheyenne, I'm 22 and this is my child loss story.

I was 20 years old and about 4 or 5 months along when we finally knew for sure I was pregnant with our daughter Kaokee Stream. I've always had irregular periods as a teenager so when the week came and went for my period, we thought nothing much of it. Around the beginning of April I was sitting in my in law's living room watching TV when I felt a little flutter, at first I thought I had imagined it, a couple minutes went by and I felt it again this time a little harder that's when I knew I was pregnant for sure. I told my boyfriend that I felt flutters and he was excited and started talking about baby names. He told me I knew you were pregnant the second month you didn't have your period but didn't say anything. He also told me "You're going to have a girl."

We decided to name our daughter Kaokee Stream because my boyfriend had done his genealogy and found out his 13th great grandmother was Pocahontas and the daughter she had with her Shawnee (Tribe) husband, Kocuom before she was kidnapped and taken to England by John Rolfe which he forced her to marry him, was named Kaokee Stream and we named our daughter after her.

We decided not to go to any natal appointments because of some personal reasons that was going on at the time. Nobody knew I was pregnant until his mother looked at him the night I went into full labor and was going to deliver my little girl and asked if I was pregnant and he told her “yes mom she is”. She tried to tell us that our little girl was going to be a boy, normally she's correct on gender of babies, not this time.

For the past 2 days I had been having slight contractions (first time being pregnant) and the afternoon of the day I went into labor I had been laying on the bed when I felt like I had to pee so I got up on my knees to get off the bed easier when suddenly a gush of liquid came out and I thought I had peed myself but didn't think that my water had broke. Around 9 p.m. that night my contractions had gotten worse and my father in law drove me and my boyfriend to the town hospital that hadn't delivered babies since the 1990s.

Our little girl was born sleeping (stillborn) June 28th, 2020 at 4:26 a.m. due to being breeched. I was at 41+5 weeks when I went into labor with her. When we first got there we got to listen to her heartbeat for the first time because we chose not to go to any natal appointments, the doctor told us at first that she was head first when he checked me. When he left to see if any hospital could take me since they don't deliver any more I took a strong contraction and somehow she flipped when he came back in and checked me. He told us she had flipped and tried to turn her back but wasn't able to. After they got her out they worked code on her for at least 20 some minutes and when the doctor told my boyfriend his lips were starting to turn blue. When he came and told me I knew she wasn't alive and he told me that he didn't know why she didn't make it, there was no fluid in her lungs that she could've sucked in.

We got to hold her and take pictures of her then they shipped me out to another hospital for my postnatal exam.



Submitted 17/04/2022

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