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Social Media Break - 12 warning signs; full transparency

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

A few days ago I announced I would be taking a social media break. If you missed my post, you can read it here.

This was a huge decision for me because after all, I am trying to build a business, raise awareness, connect with fellow loss families & at least try to make a difference in the baby loss world in memory of my son, Chayce. The easiest & quickest way to do all those things in this day and age is obviously via social media. I set big goals this year that won't benefit from me being offline indefinitely.

Here's the thing; I know I can live without social media - I did it for years before Chayce died.

But after he died I craved connection again. I wanted to know how everyone's life was going and if anyone was hurting as much as I was. Then it broke my heart to learn that there were/are people out there as heartbroken as me. So, I shared my story in hopes that others would feel less alone. This was the beginning of Chaycen.

But things are different now.

I cannot deny the fact that social media has allowed me to make some strong connections with people all around the globe that I will cherish forever. Each of them have impacted me & my journey deeply, whether they know it or not.

I'll call them 'my people' for lack of a better term. When my people reach out to me to tell me about their devastating loss/es, their trying to conceive story and/or to tell me about their rainbow baby - I am forever thinking of them and how they are coping.

When my people share their angel baby/ies with me, I know in my heart of hearts, that my son now has another friend up there to play with (well, that's what I choose to believe anyway)

It brings me comfort to connect with my people and to know that I'm not alone in this life after loss journey and that neither are they.

And all I have wanted to do over the last 2 and a bit years is share my story, push myself out of my comfort zone, say Chayce's name at every opportunity and start the challenging but necessary conversations.

Nevertheless, two days ago, I cancelled all my IG weekly lives scheduled from now until June. Two weeks ago, I put my newly announced coaching program on hold.

As you probably already know, it is really tough to cancel something you have committed to, especially when you have to let others down. But I also didn't want to remain committed to later become resentful. I also don't want to give less than 100% of my love and attention, because this is important to me.

But I plan to have a break and hopefully return with a clear head, ready to begin again - even more passionate than ever.

This is in no way, shape or form, me asking you to stop connecting with me.. I encourage you to still connect with me because I will respond, just not immediately.

When I made the decision to take a break from social media, I felt like I needed to justify all the reasons why I needed to do so. However, Mark (my husband) reminded me that I didn't owe anybody an explanation.

And yes, he is right.. And I don't need you to agree or even understand.

But, I do think it's important to normalise taking a social media break, and to know how to identify some warning signs that may or may not apply to you.

As I have said before, I value transparency in life and in business, so here are MY warning signs that I have identified, that have led me to my social media break decision.

My response (what im doing differently)

Warning signs

1 hour time limit per day on both Facebook & Instagram

  • Aimlessly scrolling and achieving nothing doing so

  • A significant increase in daily average screen time

  • Constantly worried about what and when to post

  • Comparing my life to others who have not experienced loss

Turned all notifications off

  • Increased anxiety

  • First thing I check in the morning and the last thing I check at night

Unsubscribed from a bunch of emails

  • Procrastinating and wasting too much time reading irrelevant emails

Weekly lives are on pause

  • No longer feeling the want or need to push myself out of my comfort zone or to raise awareness about something I am usually so passionate about

  • Feeling disappointed for not receiving more engagement

Coaching programs on pause

  • Haven't yet been able to find a healthy & productive balance between daily life commitments, motherhood and business

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Putting an unhealthy amount of pressure on myself to have it all 'figured out'

I will keep you posted on how my social media break goes. I have certain goals I would like to work on in the background, however I won't be far away, as I still have a lot going on over here.

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As a Virtual Pregnancy Loss Coach, Tayla supports heartbroken loss moms by assisting them to cope with their grief & ease the overwhelm that comes with life after loss. With her lived experience, sense of humour, & realistic approach to living a meaningful life after loss, she has earned a world-wide following & a passion unlike any other. Learn more here

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1 Comment

Tayla you are doing an amazing job as a wife, mother, friend, supporter to others and so on.

All these families are so lucky to have you in their lives… you have helped families get through a difficult time in their lives. Where you had none of this with Chayce. 💙💚🦋💜🐕🐕

You need to do what is right for your family. If that is a break for two, three, six or twelve months.

Love you 💕💕💕💕

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