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Baby loss stories; Guide to becoming a guest blog contributor

Updated: May 30, 2023

1. Invitation to share your story!

Each year, I run a 'Story time' segment on my blog, which gives loss families the opportunity to share their story of baby loss. You can read passed submissions here. I am honoured to invite you to share your baby loss stories as a guest blogger. My goal is to raise awareness about the unique challenges and experiences that families face after the loss of a baby and to break the stigma surrounding our grief. Having tragically lost a baby, I wholeheartedly understand the pain and heartbreak that comes with it. I also remember feeling isolated. It doesn't have to feel so lonely when there is many families going through a similar tragedy. Through our stories, I hope to offer support, hope, and comfort to others who may be navigating the same nightmare.

Everyone's story is important and valuable. By sharing your experiences, you can help others feel less alone, validated and more understood. If you are yet to read the story about my son, Chayce, please feel free to do so here. It was hard to write and harder to share but I found that the emotional release was a healthy outlet for my overwhelming grief. It's important to me that this space remains a safe and supportive space for people to share their stories. This is why I also offer the opportunity for you to remain anonymous if that is what you feel more comfortable with.

I hope that you'll consider sharing your story as a guest blogger. Together, we can create a space of healing, empathy, and compassion. Applications close on the 26th May 2023.

2. The importance of storytelling

3. Benefits of being a guest contributor

4. Fears that might be holding you back

5. Tips

6. Suggestions you can include in your post

7. An example structure of a guest post

8. Why share on my blog?

9. Register your interest & submission guidelines

10. FAQ's

11. Previous stories submitted

Remember, your story has the power to touch hearts, provide solace, and empower others. Don't underestimate the significance of sharing not only the heartbreak but also the resilience and healing that has emerged from your baby loss journey. By focusing on your unique path and offering hope, inspiration, and insights, you contribute to a collective narrative of strength and support within the baby loss community.

So to anyone who has experienced baby loss, I encourage you to share your story. Whether you share it with a friend, a support group, or on a platform like this, your story has the power to inspire, comfort, and connect with others.

In addition, to those who have not directly experienced the loss of a baby, I kindly ask you to read the stories of those who have, with empathy, compassion and an open mind.

Together, we can create a world where baby loss is no longer a taboo topic, but one that is openly discussed and supported.

Sending love as always

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